Not mandatory but very helpful in the planning process!

One waiver per individual, parent signature required if under 18

One contract per team is mandatory!

Comprehensive Regional competition calendars!
Digital critiques!

Dancetinations   LLC

Not mandatory but very helpful in the planning process!


When looking at an itinerary, everything with an (*) is included in pricing.

Any extra transportation wishes shall be up to the team chaperone.

All teams must bring a chaperone. 

Should there be any cancellations of performances team money for such events will be refunded.

Any events individually discussed to be added or subtracted will be reflected on individual team itinerary and prices adjusted.  

Packages are flexible based on the team and studio‚Äôs wishes.  Packages must be paid in full no later than 2 weeks prior to the Dancetination!

Proof of bookings will be sent to the team chaperone/leader as progress, payments, and specifics are made and set.

A 20% Non-Refundable deposit will be required to begin booking the finalized itinerary, contracts must be signed.  

Final head count must be in no later than 4 weeks prior to Dancetination and head count includes the chaperones. (This is to ensure tickets and transportation equipment are appropriate for the group size.)

Should the team decide to cancel, a refund will be given with the exception of the 20% deposit and any vendor bookings that refuse refunds (IE: Non-Refundable show tickets Dancetinations has already reserved and paid for.)

Should any individual team member have to cancel, their paid portion will not be refundable.  Any remaining payments due will be recalculated according to the new number of members.  If cancellation occurs within the 4 weeks prior to Dancetination no recalculations will be made.  

All prices are subject to change based on the third party vendors such as show tickets, dinner menus etc.  A payment plan will be finalized with the team chaperone and the chaperone will then be responsible for making the payments to Dancetinations.

Dancetinations will not be responsible for booking team flights unless specifically asked to do so.

Once you have decided to join us, please print and sign each of the forms below.  Use the Camp Checklist to give Dancetinations all the information we need to make this a wonderful experience for your team! 

By continuing to the contract pages and forms you are agreeing to the above terms of service.