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I have been in the dance world for almost 30 years.  I've been in over 20 shows on the Las Vegas strip and around the world and none of it would have been possible without growing up in the competition world.  I spent years taking the critiques of judges to make myself better.  I spent hours looking for new conventions and ways to get outside of my city to new instructors.  Now having been a part of a major competition both behind the scenes and as a choreographer, I want to make them easier to access for students and smoother to run for the staff!  With a calendar showing, at a glance, when your registration is due, for each comp in their respective city it will aid competitions in so many ways, and really help the students make the most of their season possibly getting to more competitions than ever!  I believe seeing where your favorite comps are at one look can really help plan your season making room to try new ones!  I started this project for my own kids that I choreograph for and it has been amazing how many other teachers and parents believe in this as much as I do!!


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