I have been a professional dancer for more than a decade and performed in more than 20 shows on the strip and around the world.  I have choreographed, staged, cast, and above all danced my way into a wonderfully creative place in Las Vegas!  Having worked with major competitons and taught for multiple studios across the country, I've found a way to streamline scheduling making competing more accessible than ever!!

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In these strange and trying times DANCETINATIONS is partnering with a local business to bring a special DANCE ALONE TOGETHER offer!  A customized 8ft x 10ft backdrop for your selfies, messages, tik toks, future events and more sent directly to you at more than 50% off!  Work with our custom graphic design team to set your stage any way you like!  CLICK THE APP PHOTO to reach out to us with your ideas and designs - we are here with you!  Our Glam Like a Rockstar backdrop brought life and inspiration to one of our partners, we hope to do the same for you!

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