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Dancetinations   LLC

                                 6 ppl         8 ppl        10 ppl        12 ppl        14 ppl

Group Rate           $5,910      $6,650      $7,390       $8,130       $8,870

Per Person Rate   $985         $828         $739          $678          $634 

2 Night Winter Special!

Friday after school hours : Depart for and arrive in Las Vegas.  *Transportation to vacation home provided.

*Saturday : 8-930am First master class of 3 pre-arranged styles.

                    930-11am master class 2

                   11am - 12:30pm master class 3.  Transportation to studio provided.

1230pm - 2pm Lunch Break.  *Transportation provided

*2-3pm Q&A with working Choreographers/dancers/producers

*Transportation to vacation home to prepare for dinner and show evening!

*6:30pm Dinner on the Strip.  Followed by Cirque show of Team’s choosing.  Transportation to and from strip provided.

Sunday: Pack up to leave Las Vegas

*9am - 1pm choreography specifically for the team they can use as they choose. *Credit must be given to the choreographer and Dancetinations in the event it is used in competition or recitals.   

Lunch break and return to the Airport.  *Transportation provided to studio and airport.

~~This is an example itinerary.  Times would be adjusted according to flight schedules.  Anything with an astrisk (*) is included in the pricing below.  Prices will reflect any changes to the package.  Number of people should include chaperone.