Dancetinations   LLC

Cost break downs will be confirmed with each studio as we give discounts for multiple routine submissions!

Approximate rates are as follows for 3 judges:

Solo - $99

Duet/Trio - $ 115

Small Group (4-8) - $28 / dancer

Large Group (9+) - $28 / dancer

These rates are based on the current competition market, and cost of getting quality judges for feedback!

Single Judge - $60 per DANCE not per person

Still of Foothills HS preparing for the new season!

Upon receipt of payment, your dances will then be shared with our 1 to 3 master judges and you will have your critiques back within 72 hours.  Your critiques will be emailed directly to you as an MP3 file for each dance.  By uploading and paying for the critiques, you are asserting that these dances are your intellectual property.  You are also agreeing to allow up to 4 people to view the files.  If you are sharing a previously competed vendor video, you are asserting that you have paid the appropriate vendor and that the performances are your property, NOT ANOTHER STUDIO OR TEAM.  Legal action will be taken if performances are found to belong to another studio or team.  DANCETINATIONS LLC is asserting that at no point will your teams' video be posted on social media,, DANCETIATIONS.COM or any affiliate without your permission.  Non disclosure agreements will be signed by both Dancetinations LLC and each studio.

Artistry In Motion with new competition choreo

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Downloadable, signed by Dancetinations LLC and any judge you so choose.  Your creative property will be protected at all times!

We have an EXCITING new program for competing dancers!

​Digital Critiques! 

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Digital critiques!